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In 1991 Mexifoods ventured into the world of Mexican foods beginning with distribution, and later with the production of traditional Mexican tortilla made with flour and corn. Mexifoods set up the first factory in Spain for these products.


Over the years, Mexifoods has grown and evolved. From our factory in Fuenlabrada (Madrid-Spain), we are expanding our range of products to a wide variety of typical Mexican foods including sauces, nachos, seasonings, and kits. We have also made the popular Dürüm bread for Kebabs for our customers. Mexifoods has incorporated the latest production technology available in the market, to provide both the best quality and service to our customers. This has allowed us to become an international reference in the manufacture of Tex-Mex, and to be the supplier of the primary European distributors in both channels, retail and Food Service.

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Mexifoods SL C/ Paloma, 2, Pol. Ind. Los Gallegos, Fuenlabrada (Madrid) 916 422 720

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